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Remember when utes went ‘off-road’?

So the new Toyota ad is all over the telly and to be honest, it grates me. While a bit of fantasy, make-believe and exceeding the physically possible  is welcomed to depict a story there is a point where it becomes too much. Maybe we need stories more and more far-fetched for our dulled senses in this day of CGI, special effects, and media spin, but a boar riding a bike with a monkey dressed as Biggles riding shotgun is even pushing the realms of what a meth-user might believe. I mean how would a chimp, native to central Africa where dairies are non-existent, possibly know of the flavour Hokey Pokey? C’mon!

But there once was a time when ads which went beyond the realms of reality and yet were still somewhat believable, and of course, humourous. And the mud on the trusty farm-ute (utility to our North American readers) was actually real as it was used for chucking in dead ewes, the odd shot rabbit, odd fencing tools and hay bales, and a mode of transport for the loyal bitch. And real people bought them too…not Remuera house-wives or wannabe off-roaders who still think 4L is the capacity of the sump (and don;t know what the sump is). People like NZ’s favourite larrikin, the Croc Dundee of the Urewas, Barry Crump.

Come on a wee trip back in time to a world long-lost to overseas investors and dairy farms…when men were men, and woolsheds were backwater single’s bars…

This third in the series takes us into the city, and while not a smidgen of mud is to be seen, it had to be included and flies in the face of real trucks for real situations…although it seems to suffice as a get away vehicle!


And finally, the last good Toyota ad…its hard to believe that this one is coming up 13 years old now (probably twice the age-expectancy of a Hilux nowadays) and spawned a generation saying “Buggar”…ironic really coming from a nation of sheep shaggers…



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