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Food Reveiw – McDonalds Kiwi Angus…

What they have you believe...

For keen followers of my food reviews, and those who know me, fast food chains are a treat I afford myself rarely unless dealing with a particularly bad hangover. And it is this that brought me to McDonald’s new restaurant in Mt Roskill, Auckland. And it was this same hangover that had me choose something completely different from my normal fare at the “Golden Arches” – the second best burger going round is the Quarter Pounder, a feast that always has me wanting more than one in a sitting (including four  the night before my wedding!).

But this day last week, standing in front of the board feeling rushed to make a decision I made a conscious decision to order McDonald’s new (old) offering, the Kiwi Angus, which seemed fair as my last burger reviews centered on new/limited run options from KFC and Burger King….and we have a new king!

...and the reality...

The Kiwi Angus is many things, but a disappointment it certainly isn’t and wasn’t to me, even in somewhat resembling the picture on the board seemed very Whopper-esque (shame on you Quad Stack, again!), and to eat, I cannot even start to describe.

Having a dozen elephants carrying out a Zumba party in my head seemed to melt away as I chowed on this morsel, and by chowed, I mean DEVOURED, to the point that my mate across from me must’ve thought my order was wrongly done as there now only sat one burger (yes, I had to have my Quarter Pounder, too) where moments earlier there were two…

Licking the mayo mixed with sauce off and starting on the large fries I made a mental note right then and there that in order to really get the feel and texture of the Kiwi Angus I must make a date with another McDonald’s in order to catch them unawares in my attempt to find something to critique, so the Airport restaurant met with me the following afternoon as I awaited a flight home and buggar me! This one was bloody good, just like the previous.

With a sense of dread at being nice about fast food chains coursing through my veins there was no choice but to hit a third…Rangiora was the scene of my mental evaluation this time (using a nephew’s birthday party as a clever front) and finally, I have something bad to say…but not against the burger!!! It was fantastic again!!! Damn you to Hell, McD’s, you have foiled me! No, the only thing wrong with the order was that I ordered my wife a Grand Chicken (crispy) only to be given a Grand Angus, although this was not discovered until after the burger had been eaten and she looked at me oddly when I asked her how the chicken breast tasted…a shame, but relatively minor in the scope of things.

What they would have you believe...

People, if you haven’t yet, get out there and get your laughing gear wrapped around a Kiwi Angus, quite possibly the finest burger of the big chains going round at the moment – the egg, red onion, beetroot and beef all compliment each other so well, and as a person on a mission to discover the ideal poached egg, McDs have a method which, for a conveyor belt to obesity, is commendable. It appears that when Ronald shut down everyone’s favourite, Georgie Pie, they did in fact take some tips from the ashes, and how to serve eggs was it. Why they cannot do the same in their breakky menus is somewhat baffling in retrospect…

Anyway, I digress, get out there and eat it. Mind you, the Health Dept should consider raising taxes or classing it as it is highly addictive…I now need to lose the weight I have put on as a result!!!

PiS…the Flame Grilled Double Whopper with Cheese still holds a place dear in my heart (and even saying it makes my arteries harden!).

...and the harsh responsibly, yeah, you fatso, I'm talking to you...


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