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Book Review; The Social Media Business Equation

Stands out so no missing it on the shelf!

Thanks to the University of Canterbury for allowing the ad-hoc use of this book.

To make you understand how important I figured it was to read this book, I stopped halfway through a pretty good Cold War novel…

Author Eve Mayer Orsburn wrote this short and easy to read book on how businesses should and can tap into what could be considered the largest ‘community’ of consumers in existence…for no real capital (if not none) outlay. Now if that doesn’t make you sit up and notice and make you reconsider your marketing strategy, then you have no right being in business.

Considered the domain for the younger generation and gossip-mongerers may be not that far from the truth, however it is underutilised and underestimated by many in a personal and professional sense. I myself use different forms of SM in both a personal and business capacity, and after reading this book was somewhat chuffed that I had been applying most of what Eve touches on in getting success out of SM, however there were four or five tips she gave that not only made obvious sense, but had me immediately accessing and changing both my blogs, my Facebook business page, my LinkedIn account, and cutting (yes, cutting) somewhere in the region of 90% of those who follow my three business Twitter accounts. And I feel bloody great about it all and feel more in control of what can be a monster to manage if not done right.

The do I convince her to give me a job? LinkedIn!!

Even if you are not in business (and lets face it, we all are in one way or another) this would be a good book to get you a more general and ‘mature’ viewpoint on the unknown SM, and may even convince you to consider these forms of communication not only to get and keep in touch, but to learn, buy and sell anything and everything…do it…NOW!

All in all a good book, although for someone who understands the technology and scope of SM the business speak was sometimes lost on me, and it came across a little hotch-potch at times as the two worlds (while compatible) collided in undecipherable wording. Also, while the examples of businesses using the ‘equation’ were a good leverage point, there were too many and most were either “Americanised” or difficult to ‘transfer’ into my situation and market.

PiS…I now follow (and am followed) by the author and her company…her tags are in the book as I am not giving it out to give you easy street…read the book!


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One thought on “Book Review; The Social Media Business Equation

  1. Dan, I am so appreciative of your kind and candid review. It m.ade me feel great and it was good to hear your feedback so I can learn how to improve. I hope I’ll get to meet you in person one day and many thanks to the University of Canterbury.

    So Many Thanks,
    Eve Mayer Orsburn

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