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WTF?!? OMG! LOL!!!

Is "creme pie" any better as an explanation? Guys?

 Yesterday the wife stayed home with our eldest who had an ear infection and seemed pretty miserable. The Better-Half took the day off and took her to the doctor…

She TXT me to tell me how it went and that Miss 7 was still a misery guts, but quote “I’m sure I can cheer her up with a hot chick”.

OK, if I was miserable (as I was with debilitating man-flu) a hot chick (especially in skimpy bikini) would cheer me up no end, but determining my seven-year-old’s sexual preferences seems a bit extreme…

Damn those $2 whores...seemed a deal at the time.

It was meant to have said “hot choc”.

So, on that premise, here are some other classics…

What I find interesting that all of these are shown on iPhone screen shots. So is this because iPhone rule the mobuile world? Or is it possibly that iPhones have more instances of modern-day communication  faux pas thatn any other brand (although Samsung’s swipe is specifically mentioned in one to come ina future post).

If you have any, send them through – if you don’t know already, ytou can ‘screen shot’ on iPhone by pressing the top button and home button together quickly. Send them through to



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