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Where oh where has my lovely city gone?

Dated 29/09/11 (or at least when I got it)

Looking at CBD from the Nor'west directly towards the Sou'east...windy road in foreground is Oxford Terrace, "The Strip"



Looking at this brings home two things; first is how violent the forces of the earthquake were and secondly, how bad a shape the Garden City is in. For a lot of people there may not be the instant recognition and understanding viewing what looks like large car parks, but even for me, here only two years after so long away, I can’t help but be shocked every time I realise the empty space (and spaces) looking back at me. While just out of shot to the bottom left, I assume it is intended that the PWC Building is scheduled for destruction, and seeing the corner of Armargh and Colombo where Westpac, Winnie Bagoes, and a noodle house once stood is uncanny as I used to walk across that intersection almost daily. If I got some of the buildings wrong let me know, or tell me the others, just going by memory.

One good thing, we get a new city and new persona, but that is too late for some.


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