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Crystal Balls-up over big Lotto Win

Thanks Mike, not what I would call news-worthy other than it points out the blatantly obvious, but as I read it thoughts other than about what kind of idiots we live amongst popped up…

Source; NZ Herald, 29/09/2011

Hindsight is 20/20A woman has lost her faith (someone call the Vatican!!) in clairvoyants after one predicted she would never come into a large sum of money – a week before she won $40,000 on a Lotto scratch card.

The Wanganui woman says she consulted a clairvoyant in Wellington two weeks ago and was told that neither she nor her mother would ever win big. Now if the clairvoyant was so good, why did she not get down to the one and same ship and buy that one and same card? Surely she could earn more on Lotto and Pick Six Bets than duping money out of people who can’t afford it?

“Then I was at home scratching a $3 Cloud Nine crossword ticket and thought I had won $1000 and had completed nine words. That works out at $333.33/dollar spent. Not a bad return. But in another light, it works out at $111.11 per word, now the effort for return is looking crap.

“But I realised I’d missed a couple of letters and revealed a 10th word and a $40,000 prize. Yes, much better thanks at $4000/word or $13,333.33/dollar spent. Nice.

“I laughed when I thought about what the clairvoyant had said, and when I rang my mum to tell her what I’d won, we were in fits of laughter,” she said. Personally I would go to the bitch’s place and torch it. Bet she wouldn’t see THAT coming!

The Wellington clairvoyant had been wrong on two counts (my God! No, surely not?!), the woman said, noting that she had shared a Lotto first division prize of $683,000 with her mother in 1989. Now I am just a little bit curious here…she won a shitload at a time when that kind of coin made her richer than anyone and everyone who played the markets a year or two before, and she’s going to clairvoyants and buying $3 scratchies??? Where the fuck did this money go?

That Lotto win was fantastic, (which one? The ’89 version was pretty cool, this one must’ve seemed a bit of a disappointment all things considered, mind you, I would take winning the $1000 right now!) as at the time the woman was a single mum and her mother was a widow. I’m free, only if you have the original winnings though. Please pass this onto mum as well in case you have found someone.

“The Lotto win changed our lives and really helped us out at the right time,” she said.

She plans to put the $40,000 winnings in the bank for her retirement, and has no plans to spend any more money on clairvoyants. No shit Sherlock!!

And can I also point out to the Herald, love the spelling on Wanganui!


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