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Book Review – The Patriots by John K Dexter


Cover art is the best part...

This book is from the same stable as Iron Heel (which was reviewed yesterday), however other than a couple of exciting and well written passages, this book was pretty damned bad. I’m not sure who Dexter is, but I suspect he has watched too many 50s black and white movies depicting the heroes of WWII…it seemed that no matter what the Germans threw at the heroes in this wee novel, they were not smart enough to beat the Bond-esque skills of the Pommy leading a rag-tag band of Norwegian freedom fighters.

Another fault of this book is that it covers two different stories in a short story so that both seemed hurried and cut short, or swathes of time is left unaccounted for. For example, the book ends with the heroes escaping Denmark on a fishing vessel. Within two or three sentences they encountered a German patrol vessel, sneaked away, and rendezvoused with a British destroyer to get back to England…if only war was so short and simple.

All in all, pretty crap, and the only reason it took a mere day to read was that I was determined to get away from it and onto my next one…


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