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Book Review – The Iron Heel by Anton Richler


I love books on WWII, especially non-fiction. I also loved (and still do) Commando war-comics. This book is an apparent fusion of the two.

The story follows an English student in Warsaw when Nazi Germany invades Poland, and then his and his fellow students as they take on the fight against their invaders, first in Warsaw, and then in the industrial town of Konin. It paints a pretty dour picture of the oppressive nature of living under Nazi rule which we are all familiar with, and as they look to sabotage trains and convoys and ammunition, the tension builds especially when the much-feared Gestapo make an entrance.

The book shows absolutely no publication notes so I had no idea when it was first written, but it gave the impression of being scribed some time ago, and in fact I firmly believed it was a true story until a little more attention showed it was completely fictional and published in the early 80s!

It only took three days to read, partly as it isn’t a lengthy novel, but also as it is quite gripping and addictive. There were plenty of grammatical and some typographical (is that a word?) errors in it which threw me off at times, but overall a good little book. I would recommend this to a teen market as well as it provides a more un-heroic as well as no-nonsense viewpoint on war.


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