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Beers I won’t review…

Beers you won't see at Jake the Muss' house...

It changes from man to man, but it would be fair to say that besides beer and sport, women rate as important things to us. Not those we are in a relationship or married to of course but coveting others is a skill and necessity burdened upon us since our evolution from scraping our knuckles in the dirt to using hands to scratch our arses and pick our noses.

But while we will happily allow the three subjects to intermix in advertising we will not allow cross-contamination in naming. Case in point, we will watch boxing with the animalistic tendencies of a shark feeding frenzy and be suitably impressed by (sexy) ring girls, but will not watch women’s boxing. We watch men’s tennis but not women’s (although we will all have screen savers of Sharapova’s peach-shaped arse on our computers).

We will drink beers that have chicks in ads or served by chicks even if it isn’t that great, but we will never be subjected to drink a beer such as today’s topic;

They even have their own sponsored fishing team...respect

Chick Beer…yep, that is the name of the beer, and is also aimed specifically at the female market. In itself this is a liberty being taken at our expense as we have never complained that wine-coolers have snubbed blokes but that is another debate.

Doing some homework on the product it is made in the States, Wisconsin to be exact, and it is hard to take a state seriously when a) I had to look it up on a map to find out its whereabouts, b) it has the Honey Bee as its State Insect (yep, its own insect – and on another note, the Polka is its State Dance, enough, seriously), and c) its only contribution to society is the Harley Davidson it hardly surprises.

This beer is aimed at “independent, smart, fun-loving and self-assured women who love life and embrace all of the possibilities that it has to offer” yet only boasts 97 calories and 3.5 carbs…hardly the energy required to fulfill its motto!

It's not just WHAT we're drinking...

As I read more about the product they quoted that 25% of all beer in the US is consumed by women…so why did they feel they needed to make a new beer? It seems that the others are doing OK if they can achieve those results…but in saying that, when American beers include the likes of Budweiser it seems somewhat ironic that a girly beer is more manly!

Nope, beer and women and pick….not a good combo…


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