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Book Review – The Twelfth Card by Jeffery Deaver

There is a skull too...

This book took a while to read but not because it was dull…apart from time, you find yourself early on reading slowly to take in the scores of clues and information being fed to you as not doing so will catch you out later when something is figured out.

The story starts with an attempted murder of a teen girl in a public library, and soon escalates to a murder of the librarian and an injured bystander. The apparent motive is attempted rape, but then strangely takes on a cultish lead and then changes tact to a crime from 140 years previously. As I alluded to, you need to be on your wits with this one as the plot changes almost with every chapter with clues in abundance – but which clues are genuine and which are ‘planted’?

Enter the brilliant Lincoln Rhyme, a forensic expert which an attitude – if you have seen The Bone Collector, he was played  by Denzel Washington…and as good as that movie was, this book is better.

I have never read a thriller that throws you off the scent so many times and I challenge anyone to solve it before it is revealed…

There is not much I can find wrong with this book – not ruined by romances, Hollywood staging, nor complex plotting. You do need to get up to speed with street talk quite quickly though as this book is riddled with it (being based in Harlem). The portrayal of the hit-man is done perfectly to the point you cannot help but admire by his murderous trade.

A must read.


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