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Chow Time…Seagar’s of Oxford

Not too flashy...belies what awaits inside.

Dining date, 6 September, 2011.

I have eaten at Jo’s famous diner in North Canterbury many times in the past, but this is the first review I have carried out. I actually had no intention to go there for brunch due to work commitments, however as my best friends were down from up north, and with my wife’s insistence, I relented (like it took that much convincing!).

The place itself is a nice setup – the restaurant semi-attached to the cooking school/accommodation, and next door is the shop selling her cooking books and ‘must haves’ for your kitchen. The interior is calming with a rustic feel with stunning paintings (which are for sale) adorning the walls throughout. On this visit we had or 2 year-old so was mildly disappointed to see that the children’s play area had been disposed with since out last visit…but in all fairness it is a restaurant not a school yard (although try telling that to our kid!).

I ordered the cooked breakfast (name escapes me), Katie got Salmon Eggs Benedict, Darren the Museli, and Toni got the Waffles. Now I won’t speak for the other three meals as I wasn’t offered a sample of them, however mine and Renee’s Kids Meal will feature.

Nice cup a java...and fudge!

My offering was yum, although the bacon which is claimed to be locally produced was not as ‘strong’ tasting as I would like (having recently acquired a healthy portion of homekill), but her poached eggs (as featured in a test previously) were stunning on the sour dough with the bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, and chorizo.

Cooking School kitchen is impressive.

Moving onto Renee’s meal of which she unwittingly allowed me to test was great…to the point where I would seriously consider getting it myself the next time. WIth a hot meal of chunky fries and Cheerios, to a small mince-pie, Vegemite (or were they Marmite?) sammies, slices of water and rock melon, orange, some grapes, and a choccy fish and marshmallows, this is one heck of  a serving bound to make any kid happy…this time it made two happy.

Overall the place is great, the service can barely be faulted (although they do know me up there), but to me it is a bit pricey. While I have always said that I will happily pay for good food to me there should be some correlation between the meal and what you should pay for it, and as the total worked out to about $20 each for the meals for brunch seems a bit steep, quality and quantity aside.

Setting: 4.0 out of 5

Staff: 4.5 out of 5

Food: 4.0 out of 5

Value: 3.5 out of 5

Overall Score: 4 out of 5

78 Main Street, Oxford. (03) 312 1435

PiS…make sure you have a coffee there, and be doubly certain to have the fudge!

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