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Now I have an “in”…

Life imitates art...

Well put a stick up my bum and call me a broom!

When I read this there were so many thoughts going through my head I couldn’t cope…but rather than laugh at such a ridiculous notion, nor cringe in fear at its possible knock-on effects I rejoiced in the knowledge that men around the world can now have a comeback…there is a catch…seemingly only in France.

So the story goes that a man has been (successfully) sued for nearly $20K in France by his ex-wife for not performing the horizontal magic enough while they were shackled together in holy matrimony for 21 years…can you believe it?!?

The law (civil code) there that a married couple must share a communal life and “sexual relations must form part of that marriage”.

The dangers abound...

Now this can raise many questions; how many times is a minimum requirement? What constitutes a sexual relationship? And does “I have a headache” hold up in court? And what if she’s ugly? That surely must be a watertight defence…

In the past I have overcome some of the curly ones that have been thrust up to fend off my advances but always thinking on my feet I find alternatives, for example: a disprin and glass of water delivered to her in bed invariably brings a “But I don’t have a headache” as a knee-jerk response = sweeeeeet! Really only works once though.

We need to get an act like this passed into law, now! Men, in the interests of getting a drunken fumble after the pub, a hand-shandy in the morning, a grope and tickle in the kitchen, pester your local MP for action.

I will be in touch…


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