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Book Review – Cold Case by Faye Kellerman

Took me a while to see the relevance of the cover...

Now this book had some real promise and right until the end it had me guessing who dunnit…but gues what? You finish the book not knowing…well, not for certain. While the ending had a different twist to it, it seemed to have been written in such a way that indicated that Kellerman was rushing for the bus or something as it went from high drama and excitement (involving naked girls in a seedy hotel no less) to a picnic of no fixed abode…very odd. In fact I would go so far as to say that Kellerman herself didn’t know who committed the murder(s) and is still trying to solve it.

It follows a senior LAPD Detective as he seeks the killer of a popular school teacher 15 years before the story is set…and if he does, there is a cool million on the table. But when another murder happens in the neighbouring precinct with startling similarities, yet no obvious connection, Decker (as that is his name) goes on a chase resembling a pup chasing its tail.

This was well written and thought out which had you double-guessing the investigators and the suspects in every chapter, but the ending was oh so bad…and to ram a point home, as bad as my ‘mate’ Richard Laymon! Now that’s a criticism if there ever was one.


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