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Book Review – Fractured by Karin Slaughter


Gotta love that name!

Firstly thanks to Gael for giving me a new writer that I can enjoy. I know I had a wee dig in the first review by Slaughter but this book was a brilliant read. While it took me more than my usual week to read, this was in no way because of the writing but my own busy schedule (fitting it in with housework, kids, cooking, drinking etc). The last 200 pages went by in a flash and in fact had me up until nearly midnight finishing it.

Without giving too much away the main story follows an FBI-type cop and his struggles to find the murderer of a school girl who has abducted a second one. The girls are from a well-to-do background which has its normal politics involved, but when he is paired up with a badge who happens to be the daughter of a woman he forced into retirement through another investigation he has to battle not only his own slut of a fiance, his dyslexia, but her (and the entire force’s) hatred for him.

Unlike my favourite pin-cushion, Richard Layton, Slaughter’s dip into weird sex fetishes comes across as believable and readable…

In a style that seems to be her MO Slaughter throws a few curve balls into the mix to have you guessing and double guessing but this is par for the course, but what I did like in this book that while the case was seemingly solved with nearly 100 pages to run the story was by no means finished. You’d think a story would drag with an early conclusion but it didn’t.

The other good aspect to this book were a couple of ‘will they, won’t they” by lines.

But I have to throw some criticism, and it has nothing to do with the story; but I suspect Karin is somewhat needy, particularly for recognition. For a story of about 500 pages, the first 10 or so are taken up with credits and plaudits for her writing. Christ woman, we get it you’re not a bad scribe, but do you have to boast about it so blatantly?

Anyway, Gael, some more loaners soon?


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