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Motorcyle Touring in New Zealand…


To say I have a passion in the two-wheeled variety would be a understatement, whether it be in bike racing or in riding itself.

Unfortunately I sold my last bike just prior to relocating to the South Island and just haven’t got round to acquiring a new steed to replace it (although money might have something to do with that), but the passion for it never wanes, and despite not having a bike I have still managed to get into the saddle now and again and ride with mates on rallies (Cold Kiwi and Burt Munroe the latest ventures) and there is no better way to get to see the stunning countryside than by this method. And to you noters and mid-life cry-babies, get out of the damned MX5 as the bike is the only way to have the wind in your toupee!

Barely five minutes up the road from me is another motorbike enthusiast, and he is lucky enough to have turned his passion into a business. I met Stu by chance via a business gathering and then it turns out he is in charge of the squash club I play at. And in talking he told me of his bike rental and tours he operates around the South Island (time to ditch the 9 to 5 and apply I think!). Now I haven’t had the chance to join in on one of his rides, that will come, but I thought I would give him a plug to those of the motorcycling fraternity that follow this blog and my Tweets. To those in NZ, I am still astounded that many of you will travel in a cramped plane for 10 hours to see some foreign country, yet never have been around your own “back yard”. And on a bike (for those so inclined) is a great way to do it, especially the South Island with its great mix of roads and scenery that changes every hour.

Start your own gang

For those abroad, come to New Zealand, especially the South Island. Earthquakes happen, but they happen everywhere and local business still needs its tourists. And if you want to do it the fun way on a bike instead of being staid and “beige” in a camper, give Stu and his team a holler prior to coming out here. I’m sure he’ll look after you…he has to, I live next door to him!

Garners Motorcycle Rentals and Tours. New Zealand


Beats downtown London during riots

Garners Tours Ltd. specialist in BMW GS motorcycles for hire and guided tours around New Zealand’s stunning South Island. We have great smooth roads and for the more adventurous and experienced riders, amazing unsealed back country roads through awesome hill country, old gold mining and coach trails. We don’t go off-road; we ride the least travelled roads.

Your New Zealand motorcycle experience will include riding through mountain passes with alpine scenery, river valleys, soaking in thermal hot-pools, Jet boating or fishing in remote mountain lakes and meeting a few Kiwi characters on the way.

 Immerse yourself in our Kiwi culture and check out the many local events and attractions around New Zealand. Motorcycle race meetings & rallies, Food festivals, an All Black or provincial Rugby game, International air-shows, Adventure activities and nice friendly people.

The South Island is a stunning wonderland of hidden gems with diverse alpine scenery, native bush, rugged coastal areas and remnants of ancient Gondwanaland with unique native birdlife. It would take more than a lifetime to explore it all. If you have 5 or more days to motorcycle tour with us, we can treat you to an exciting Kiwi motorcycle tour that will last you a lifetime and have you wanting to come back for more.

 Stuart McIntyre, Managing Director Garners Tours Ltd. (NZ)

+64 3 312 6113


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