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In the Black…but seeing Red…


Brand Power

What the f–k is everyone’s problem?

Sorry, sorry, sorry, let me rephrase that. What the f–k is every Kiwi’s problem?

There are riots in London (spreading quicker than a dose on a ship), unemployment on the rise (I’m just a statistic now), and the world anxiously awaits the latest credit crisis with the same anticipation as a prostate check.

And yet all they are worried about over here in the unspoiled, clean green nation of small birds and big chips is the price of a jersey.

Give me a break…for an article of clothing that pound for pound is cheaper than a litre of petrol, less than a bottle of milk, and costs (and does) less than an iPhone which has a shelf life less than an All Black run at the World Cup has Kiwi’s crying into their collective Lemsips louder than the Underarm Incident of 81.


Definition of Impossibility - reason with a Kiwi

Watching that sook on Campbell Live last night had me laughing so loud – even the French are more manly in their approach to adversity. Funny thing is he probably called up all his mates and said “Watch me on the goggle-box tonight!!” “Yeah, you were cool…reeeeeal cool.”


Bet a lot of you would pay $220 for this!

And then I saw some Tweets from the biggest cry-baby and hypocrite of them all – Brooke Howard-Smith (now if there is proof you cannot trust a double-banger, this guy is it). All over Twitter the last couple of days this guy has been trying to incite a riot of biblical proportions by slamming Adidas (or Adida$ as I saw on one) for the cost of their jerseys. This coming from a guy who just got back from a trip to Raro with his wife soon after finishing a celebrity Poker challenge here in CHCH…patronising prat wouldn’t give a shit if he paid $120, $220, or $5-bloody-20 for an All Black jersey, just another to throw into his closet of gratuities and backhanded plugs. Wonder how much his WRC Final tickets cost him?

New Zealand, take a teaspoon of concrete and harden up.

You bitch and moan about the price of petrol yet the stations are chokker with your Holden’s and your Ford’s. You bemoan the cost of milk yet have no qualms about sending your kids to the local McDonald’s for burgers and fries. You scream blue-bloody-murder at the cost of MMP, yet you all voted the twats into power!

Adidas have a premium product, and if they choose to sell the jersey at $220 that’s their prerogative. The All Blacks are not public property anymore, that ideology was crucified back in ’95 (just like the ABs). Just like Apple and the iPhone, why should Adidas alter the price? They made it, they marketed it, they carry the risk of it, so they can demand any god-damned figure they want for it. And applause to the NZRFU who in the past have had the collective bite of a Shitzu in years gone by, this is big business, and their corporate responsibility is to be admired.


Canterbury - World Champions shitloads of times

You’re all still going to buy it anyway because you want to and you’re proud to. If not, fair enough, we all can’t have the things we want in life, that’s just the way shit is sometimes. What’s wrong with last year’s model? Or even better, why not wear the 87 version – it seems to be the only one to achieve anything.

My Wallabies’ jersey dates back to when my father played Fullback for the Jews and yet that still comes out with pride at any opportunity. It doesn’t mean I love my team any less…


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5 thoughts on “In the Black…but seeing Red…

  1. Jase Mantis on said:

    Couldn’t agree more. 3rd form economics mentioned something about supply and demand from memory… I’m sure it would’ve worked itself out and wasn’t worth the whinge. I proudly got mine the day they hit the shelves over here.

  2. sachin on said:

    What a pack of arse. This posting is plain wrong.

    Jase – check your memory about supply and demand. If demand increases and supply falls then the price rises, and as there doesn’t seem to an issue with supply, I don’t think this is the case with the All Black jersey here. If you want talk about the issue economically it is more “price elasticity” – where consumers are hesitant, or refuse to pay for something that is percieved to be over priced. An example of this is governments increasing taxes on cigarettes as an encouragement to give up smoking.

    New Zealanders are rightly voicing their concerns because they are being ripped off, plain and simple.

    Here are some indisputable facts:
    1. The All Black Jersey costs twice as much in NZ as it does anywhere else in the world even when exchange rates are taken into account.
    2. Adidas have attempted to preserve their margin in NZ by instructing overseas online websites by not despatching to New Zealand.

    By selling the jersey at different prices in different regions they are simply increasing margins in the some regions, margins which are already high from low cost labour. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with Adidas or any company making a profit but by manipulating global pricing for different regions is cynical and is greed, not profit, driven. No other company, industry or organisation does this for commodity products. The Big Mac index (yes based on the burger) has been used as a measure to compare different economies. Why? Because Big Macs are priced at the same level globally.

    I also tend to think that if the All Black jersey was priced at the equivalent of $NZ220 globally, there would not be a such a public outcry. Some people would complain – and then yes, Alf, depending on the degree of the outcry you would have a point. But no, in this case you seem to moaning as loudy as the people you are complaining about. Good on them – what do you want them to do, lay down and have their tummy rubbed?

    PS: Agree totally about Brooke Howard-Smith. The guy’s a dick – and stop watching John Campbell – he is obvious having an adverse affect on you.
    PPS: No emotions were used in writing this response – which meant I did not have to say; “the All Black jersey is part of the fabric of New Zealand society.”

    • the alfmeister on said:

      Sachin, have taken your points, analysed them, and thought what a crock. To compare the global price of Big Macs which (generally) are enjoyed world wide regardless of race, sex and creed. The All Black jersey is a New Zealand icon, loved and worn by Kiwis (and the odd Japanese tourist), so why the hell should Poms, Aussies, and Yanks pay the same price as Kiwis for something totally irrelevant and meaningless? Are you prepared to pay the same as an Aussie for a Wallabie jersey? Or pay what I pay for a Canterbury jersey? If so, that is your perogative, but I can tell you, whether it is $220, or $20 (which it is WORTH TO ME) I will not be buying an AB jersey, and that my friend is the argument.
      Take Maori knick-knacks. They cost a shitload more here than they do in Taiwan…explain that?

  3. sachin on said:

    I suppose if you disagree with the Big Mac index that’s your perogative. But can you then explain to me what you know that “The Economist” magazine doesn’t? This magazine founded in 1843, sells 1.6 million copies per monthly issue first formulated the Big Mac Index.
    If the All Black jersey was so “meaningless or irrelevant” to Poms, Aussies, or Yanks, then I would question why Adidas would sell them in these markets. There must be demand there otherwise they would not bother. And yes I would be prepared to pay the same global price for something if I wanted it.
    By the way – I know you have worn an All Blacks jersey – mine in fact. I even have photographic evidence.
    I have never been to Taiwan so can’t explain your question – but probably sounds like another rip off to me..

    • the alfmeister on said:

      This blog was founded in 2010 and averages 100 hits a day and costs nothing; based on those figures alone it would stand to reason that the Economist is a rip off tabloid designed to make those people who drive Porsches with the tops down in freezing conditions and hit 124 off the stick sound like they know what they’re talking about when in fact neither The Economist nor those iPhone bearing 80s throw-back yuppies have a clue…if they had half an idea between them it would stand to reason that the world’s economy would be in a better state than it currently is, the US wouldn’t owe more than the calorie count of a Double Down, and the NZX, ASX, and Dow amongst others wouldn’t be falling quicker than a $2 whore’s knickers now would they?
      China and the former USSR…where for art thou?

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