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Work, Work, Work…the other Subaru


Legacy,,,fitting name considering my history!

For those who read my thrilling story about the stolen WRX and the ‘sting’ to recover it, you’ll be surprised to know that another incident with another Subaru took place about the same time.

Within a few days of the WRX being recovered (although not repaired for the yard by then) I had a young fellow come in and test drive a Legacy RS manual…at the time these were very sort-after cars, more than I obviously realised.

After we pulled back onto the front of the yard I agreed he could take the car away to show his girlfriend and bring it back later that afternoon but I needed his license details first, so we walked up to the office to do this when I soon realised I was chatting to myself as he and the car were gone.

It’s funny how the mind works in these types of situations (remember what I was thinking with the WRX?) – in my mind I had it pegged that we had just got our conversation mixed somewhat and he missed the fact that he needed to come and sign paperwork, and he had only heard the ‘yes you can’ part.

And I still hung onto this as I stood at the window watching the rain  roll down about four hours later, just as we considered shutting the yard for the night…fucker!

The next afternoon I reported the car stolen and was thankful the cop wasn’t involved in the previous heist.

It wasn’t until about three weeks later that I got a call from the Police in South Auckland advising they had just arrested a man who tried to outrun them in  a chase the night before and was only caught when the car ‘bounced’ a roundabout ripping a front wheel clean off. Great…as it turned out, he had actually done this to three other yards under similar guises. The car turned up on the yard a week later on a truck and thankfully the damage wasn’t that bad and I ended up selling it to a Pommie chef a few days later.

Imagine my nerves when a year later I started work for a Subaru franchise; all my worst fears come to reality.


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