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Fitness: a state of body or a state of mind?

Yours truly (Disclaimer: photo may not actually be of author)

There was a time when I considered myself physically fit and that was for a period of about six months while in the Navy where we were dragged out of our pits at sparrow’s fart and put through all manner sadomasochistic rituals designed to make us fit, strong, healthy and disciplined. It seemed at the time all I got from it were bags under my eyes and shin splints! The irony in that was that we were required to hit a target before being posted to a ship which was something like running two (undulating) miles in under 12mins as minimum requirement yet the average length of a ship in the RNZN is about 100m, and once that goes down, running ain’t the first thing I am considering somewhere in the middle of the South China Sea! Add to that duty free booze, smokes, and silver service meals (for Officers), we soon started to take on the appearance of the sponge cakes we devoured each night!

On leaving the Navy I could have taken up a promotions job as the Michelin Man and figured it might be time to look at getting back my former self. This involved doing what many of have done at least once in our lives – paid through the nose for one or two visits to the local gym! The second time I attempted it did work (lost 20kg and could run quite quickly over 5 miles) although it all came down to me as I didn’t really feel loved my by ‘personal’ trainer who showed as much interest in my wellbeing as a dead hedgehog on the road. this to me means that their are three types of people who want to get fit: those who can do it without being pushed (your professionals, sports minded, and vain); those who want to do and but need a kick up the arse (me); and those who believe that the effort to lift themselves off the toilet more than covers their fitness requirements (fatties, Americans, front row forwards).

Last week I ran into a young (and dare I say) fit fellow who is into personal training and makes a living out of it, and I got the distinct impression not only does he know what he is talking about, I have no doubt he will deliver the results, and after checking out his credentials and his site I asked him if I could assist him in giving a (free) plug to my enraptured and captive audience as a favour to a fellow Cantabrian as I am passionate about local business (take note Mr. Brownley, and you could gain something by visiting young Craig, although I suspect if you gained anymore you might explode ala Monty Python).

So if you find yourself shopping for marquee size clothing or like me have a tendency to put on weight just watching a McDonald’s advert, give Craig a holler and let him beat you into shape make you feel better about yourself.

Using a vast array of techniques gathered from the world’s leading experts in the health and fitness industry, Trainer 360 provides fast and effective strategies for body fat loss, strength and conditioning, and injury rehabilitation.

Craig has worked and studied in the fitness industry for the past 15 years and provides a unique combination of processes and protocols that can help you reach your fitness, health and well-being goals. Whether you want to sleep better, perform better, be leaner, stronger, faster or simply function more effectively in your every day life, trainer 360 is a great place to begin your journey to health and happiness.

The Trainer 360 studio is situated on a quite back section in Papanui, away from prying eyes and is professionally fitted to ensure the best possible workouts can be provided. Craig’s assessment procedure covers body fat and hormonal profiling using the Bio-signature system as well as a strength balance and length tension assessment that is designed to help identify weak and tight muscle groups to ensure the most appropriate exercises are used to help reduce the risk of future injury and to remedy any current musculoskeletal imbalances that may exist.

For more information see: this has a feed to his blog @trainer360

Craig Drennan


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