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Eating Out…nudge, nudge, wink, wink


And you don't hear all the school kids in the Mall

The last time I ate at Lone Star was in Rotorua on a rugby trip years ago and I remember two things – being pissed as a fart (but obviously not so drunk as to forget) and the spare ribs! Those morsels of flavour still make me salivate as I think about them, yet so weird that I haven’t been back to any of the franchises since then, more so as they were my customer while working for Vodafone!

So it came to pass that after a big morning yesterday we decided to pop into Lone Star Northlands Mall (Papanui) for lunch with the girls, and not a rib to be seen. For the kids we ordered the kid’s Fish n Chips and Chicken Nibbles n Chips, for Katie the Dixie Chicken, and for myself I had the Nachos (beef with extra jalapeno). We were seated upstairs which at first seemed frustrating as a) the toilets were all downstairs which could be an issue for the kids, b) so were the toys, and c) Katie seemed very nervous should we have anohter shake. All turned out great as we were in quiet surrounds for most of the meal (until the rush!), the kids kept themselves busy and stops to the loo never eventuated.

My nachos! Fan-bloody-tastic!! Easily the best I have ever had, and when I said to Katie they were even better than the famous Reva’s in Whangarei, she didn’t believe it and had some and agreed, although we both thought the chips were not befitting the meat mix; I thought they tasted like won-ton shells, Katie called them “cheap”, and they did keep breaking too easy to be of any use as a scoop. And bang on with extra chillies!

Katie’s Dixe Chicken was recommended by some work colleagues but I think again she knew she had made the wrong choice. this is not a slight on the meal which was very nice (chicken so moist, and the sauce was yum)  but for ‘pub fare’ it didn’t work – I commented I felt it was more befitting Sunday lunch at the RSA.

Both kids meals were perfect in the sense that they loved them, and the servings would befit smaller eating adults being as large as they were. For Renee to eat anything when in a crowd is no mean feat, so it is a credit to the food. Deanna claimed they were the best fish n chips she ever had. On sampling both, the steak fries were bang on, the chicken nibbles were enjoyable but I didn’t like the fish so much. The three girls had side salads, and I’m not sure what was in them but they were the best impression of a Waldorf Salad I have ever had (and they didn’t appear to be out of Waldorfs!).

As I had cleaned up the plates there was no way I was having a dessert, and I’m not really a sweets kind of guy, but the girls both got as part of their choice a free scoop of ice cream with choccy sauce and sprinkles – these were consumed in a frenzy befitting a lion pride – and Katie (already complaining of being full, bless her) had to sample the triple chocolate platter (or something like that) – holy shit, what a dessert! All I can say for you chocolate lovers out there (and being a person who cannot stomach it himself), this seems to be the coup de gras for you after a meal.

With two Raspberry Spiders for the girls, a Pinot Gris for Katie, and two Steinlagers for myself, the total came to $109 which I think is quite reasonable considering all four of us (including the 2 year-old) complained all afternoon of being full, and decided to sit round in preggy clothes on the couch. Although working out at $25 each might be OK for adults but not really when two are kids. No gripe, just a thought. And mixed in with service that was both quick, friendly, and helpful (including a chat on leaving to ensure we were happy) I would say that you would be  a mug not to consider this place as a causal port of call. And special note to the girl who served me; not sure if it part of the training, but her mix of sexuality and somewhat challenging my masculinity was perfect in helping me make choices – me personally, I like banter with staff and it was perfect in this sense.

Setting: 4.0 out of 5

Staff: 4.0 out of 5

Food: 4.0 out of 5

Value: 3.75 out of 5

Overall Score: 3.9 out of 5

Shop 116 Northlands Mall
71 Main North Rd, Papanui 8052
(03) 352 6653

Note – this review applies only to the establishment visited and cannot be used as a yard stick for other Lone Star restaurants.


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One thought on “Eating Out…nudge, nudge, wink, wink

  1. the alfmeister on said:

    The delicious dessert mentioned in the review above is the Chocolate Trifecta….Bliss!

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