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While I was at the NBNZ workshop last week, the presenter claimed he had the ideal ‘recipe’ for the perfect poached egg. Now, as a lover of eggs poached, it made me take on the challenge to confirm if his was in fact the best way. All in the interests of better breakkies all around the country (and to my international friends, yes, the world!).

Before Baked Beans...

As such a test requires cooking and tasting, and making sure we had uniformity across the board, I have nominated myself to both cook and eat all and any samples put to me and will be the ultimate judge and jury on such topics.

My way has been simple, and relatively unchanged for eons, and while probably not right nor wrong, it has served me and my kids well (Katie doesn’t do eggs).

I will test Stephen’s method of madness which you can try yourself at home (or work if you’re so inclined) by visiting his blog on

Next I will take the advice I received from my good friend up in Oxford, Jo Seagar. Anyone who is anyone has at least one of her books in their kitchen, it just so happens my wife idolises her and has just about all of her books gathering dust in our kitchen. Katie and I are frequent visitors to Jo’s place up in Oxford (as are most of our visiting dignitaries) and eggs are a staple of my selection. As I was out there setting up her new iPhone the other day, I asked her how she does the perfect poachie. She was very matter of fact, and gave me some fantastic tips.

The final source of eggness is my older brother, one of the best cooks I know. Trained in the Army, honed by many restaurants (including Mission House, Varick’s, and resorts in Australia and Asia) I figured he would know a thing or two about my deep-rooted fascination with eggs…and boy, I was not expecting his response.

So, stay tuned dear reader and fellow egg eater as I sample the best and the worst the world has to offer. If any of you wish to enlighten me, by all means, I can never have enough egg meals, and it is probably lucky that I take no notice of the quacks (no pun intended) who harp on about eggs and cholesterol.


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