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A Pie in the Sky…

not quite the gingerbread house, but had some effect...

For those from this neck of the woods there is debate over where the best pies come from; Hillyers, Kidd’s, Darfield or from Sheffield…for those stupid enough to find themselves hanging on my every word you will know I have already done a blurb on Hillyers and was very impressed. Today, in a family search for the Donut in Springfield we passed through both Sheffield and Darfield and decided (in fact was told) to stop at Darfield Bakery and delight our taste buds in their fine cuisine.

Walking into a bakery is one of life’s fine moments and must be savoured and is pretty much your key indicator on how good the wares will be…Darfield Bakery is one of those heavenly moments. The second indicator is how quickly you work out in your mind if you have enough cash or funds to cover the cost of the dozen or so samples you have scoured in the nano-second since entering the door. I think I calculated that we didn’t have the $134.35 on hand to feed me before even getting to the kids, so I backtracked somewhat to limit it to a pie and dessert.

After Katie selected her stock-standard Steak n Cheese, Dee chose her Mince, and a small mince savoury for Renee. I asked the lady serving I she were me, would she get the Chicken, Cranberry and Brie or the Butter Chicken (even though in my mind I had weighed up my chances of getting both). She immediately said the latter which suited me fine, and with desserts added we went to the local park to munch out.

My pie was great, short and simple, pretty much the same as the one I had at Hillyers sometime before. But I do have to say as Butter Chicken goes, I have yet to find one that even comes close to the fine example (which I understand has not been sold for some years now) which Paneton’s in Auckland does. The only think I could fault on this pie was the sauce was not flowing giving a slightly dry experience, but tasty as hell so that was good…and what pleased me most which I have never come across, is that the pie is not thermo-nuclear heated while it waits to find a home, so no burned top of mouth or scalding of the chest as it drips down the front of my short. Great selling point!

Me and Katie will normally share our pies, but cunningly I knew Dee wouldn’t finish hers as her mind would immediately be on the Chocolate Crackle so a pie (and at least two-thirds) would be waiting for me on completion of mine. I’m not much of a Steak or Mince pie eater, probably through years of abuse in Auckland’s Asian bakeries (where the filling takes on the complexion and taste of cat food) and Aussie pies where the only meat is a chunk of gristle capable of outlasting a Gobstopper), but Katie’s cheese mix was very nice indeed, and Dee’s leftover portion of mince tasted just like mince. I didn’t get to try the pastry as Renee, like her dad, has a skill in which anything fitting inside the open palms of both hands together is testament to a single mouthful, and thus had treated her lunch as such.

I won’t go into the cakes and donuts we had except in saying that these are to the same high standards as the pies, so make sure you complement one with the other.

Do yourself a treat and make the stop there next time you enter (or exit) the Otira Gorge…you know you want to.

Darfield bakery, South Terrace, SH73, Darfield.

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