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Rick Wright – Happy Birthday & RIP

Today would have been Richard (Rick) Wright’s birthday. For those who don’t know him, he was the keyboard player for Pink Floyd, a very talented musician. While he had a tumultuous relationship with Roger Waters to the point he was fired during making The Wall, and played on contract, he rejoined the Floyd after Waters left. He also had a mediocre solo career, although his music was somewhat underrated.

In memory of Wright, here is an example of his ability on the keys, and in his writing, and his singing also. This is the epic Echoes from the Meddle album (my favourite), this clip in particular from Live in Pompeii (one of the best live concerts you will see). Things seemed so much laid back and simple back then…

I have the DVD for Pompeii if anyone wishes to borrow it. It is a great insight into the workings of one of the enigmatic and yet so private groups of our time. It is particularly interesting to watch as it is interspersed with clips of them in the studio making their next album…Dark Side of the Moon!



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