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Friday Drinks – Haagen

In what is only a coincidence (announcement of Erceg’s wealth), this weeks drop is Independent Liquor’s Haagen.

Pronounced with a pubic hair in your throat

I first came across this beer while playing for Suburbs’ Socialites (rugby) in Auckland as they sponsored our team. I actually knew of the beer, and the company as I used to look after the account while working for VFNZ and loved visiting the team at Head Office.

For the price it is a great beer and very good at impersonating anything Euro (except for the hangover).

There is not too much to say about this other than you wallies who drink Double Brown, Lion Brown, Ranfurly, and dare I say it, Lion Red, sort yourself out and try this cheap beauty, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Best served with anything, especially chips and dip, sausages and bread, cigarettes, and in large amounts – hell, it’s cheap and tastes alright, so who cares?!?


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