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Book Review – Asterix and the Normans


The 'Normandy Landings'

This is another volume that my eldest bought home for me, making it the umpteenth adventure I have read.

This follows the little village as they look after the chief’s nephew who has been sent to harden up somewhat – except it coincides with the landing of the Normans, the fearless warriors looking for the meaning of fear. Of all people to save them it is Cacofonix, the Bard, who wins the day and sends them packing.

In true style, the names are priceless;

  • Norman chief Timandahaf
  • a Roman soldier, Consensus
  • and some of the Norman warriors – Pyshopaf, Epitaf, Cenotaf, Nescaf, Autograf, RiffRaf, and my favourites, Firsthaf and Secondhaf!

This is the second volume where Cacofonix is not tied up at the end, and we also see Dogmatix’s distress over uprooted trees for the first time.



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One thought on “Book Review – Asterix and the Normans

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Great that a 7 year old is sorting out your reading for you!!!

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