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This isn’t so hard…

1030 and I don’t understand what the fuss is? I have packed Katie off to work with  some lunch; fed the kids, dressed them ready for a picnic and play in the snow at the park while I walk the dogs; I have done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen; picked up and vacuumed the house in that efficient way that only men know and understand; meat thawing for dinner; two loads of washing on the line and a third in the machine…yep, this is the life for me, this is a breeze.

After daytime TV I’m off to coffee group with the girls where we will complain about the lack of love and understanding we get while gossiping about who’s screwing the gardener and/or the au pair. BTW, Katie you are now the breadwinner, and I think we need an au pair (any will do, as long as she is young and from Sweden or similar, and sexually liberal) as I cannot do all this work and look after the kids as well…

Right, where is that box of cookies?

PiS…the views held by the author are not necessarily those held by my wife, or in that fact, any other house keeping executive.


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