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Friday Funny…Part I of II

Didn’t life just seem so much easier?

PC-Patrol, Fuck Off!

Back in a time when kids were belted for speaking out of turn, and wives cooked, cleaned, and ignored their husband’s extra-marital affairs. A time where service actually meant service; an elderly gentleman came out and filled your car, checked your levels, and didn’t say a thing. Now a pimply faced twat with the social grace of a rutting rhino who sit behind the counter tossing off over a FHM mag. Yeah, life seemed so much simpler…

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Source; sachingcat. thanks mate.


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One thought on “Friday Funny…Part I of II

  1. Jase Mantis on said:

    Hey mate just thought I’d let you know that you’ve been getting a few ‘black screens’ where your uploaded images are recently… Ie: this one!? Might just be at my end though?
    As you were.

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