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Who’s a clever boy then?

Only because I have immense respect for him (hint of sarcasm) I have to post this joke…thanks Glen!

Sales you don't want to attend

An aeroplane was about to crash; there were 5 passengers on board, but only
4 parachutes.

The first passenger said, “I am President Obama, the chosen one. The world needs me, I can’t afford to die.” So he took the first parachute and left the aircraft.

The second passenger, Hone Harawira, said, “I am the leader of the Mana party in Aotearoa and I am the smartest Maori in New Zealand history, so New Zealand’s people don’t want me to die.” He took the second parachute and jumped out of the aircraft.

The third passenger, Russell Norman, said, “I’m the leader of the NZ Greens and the nation needs my guidance and my boyfriend would miss me.” So he grabbed the parachute next to him and jumped.

The fourth passenger, ex-PM Jim Bolger, said to the fifth passenger, a 10-year-old schoolgirl, “I have lived a full life, and served my country the best I could. I will sacrifice my life and let you have the last parachute.”

The little girl said, “That’s okay, Mr. Bolger. There’s a parachute left for you. NZ’s smartest Maori took my schoolbag!”


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