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Album Art

Being a spotty teen in the 80s you were either a metaller or a new-age romantic – I was one of those who was in both camps (and there is no pun intended!). The reason I bring this up is that I will show album covers of two bands I listened to in each genre. The first is Iron Maiden, and their creation Eddie. My room was plastered with concert and album posters depicting the undead in classical heavy metal poses, art I copied many a time myself.

Now while I admit to listening to ‘the other side of the 80s’, I won’t divulge too much about my choices in music. But in levelling out the splatter and gore of Maiden, here are a few 80s covers to accentuate the chasm between the music. I have thrown them all in together to test your musical knowledge and observation skills – although some 80s looks do resemble Eddie!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And for good measure, here is this week’s bad, bad, real bad album cover.


Hormone treatment is not just limited to top athletes!

Disclaimer; by placing 80s album covers in this post does not indicate I was even around in the 80s, nor does it credit with me listening to, owning, or dancing to such music. They are there purely for education purposes.


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