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“Go you good thing….!!!!!”

The sun was slowly setting, the capacity crowd were screaming and on their feet. The home team were behind by 3 points and in possession just inside the opposition half in what would be one of the final plays of the game when the ball was swung wide to yours truly. With only a couple of feet to play with I danced down the touch-line, swerved inside the winger and fended off the cross-covering open-side flanker and then out-sprinted the fullback to score under the posts. And the game was ours!

Anyways, that’s how I remember the try I scored yesterday. But it seems that it went more like this; we were leading Saracens (combined Rangiora and Southbrook) by about 20-nil when I came onto the field with 30 to go and into hooker.We marched them down field and sat camped on their try line for a few minutes when I screamed to Mikey (half back) for the ball on the blind side, where I ducked my head and pummelled forward and squeezed through three or four players for the try in the corner. The big prop coming across in a covering tackle had me thinking about which colour I would like my body-cast, but it came to nothing. It seems that Kiwis take a dim view to us Aussies scoring, as for the rest of the game and night over beers everyone tried to steal my thunder;

  • Trent, a massive 7’4″, 2000kg, giant of a boy claimed to have assisted driving me across the line
  • Jed claimed it was his finger up my jacksey which got me across, although he also claims I “backed up”
  • Kurt already started advising others that I could not claim scoring from more than 5m out
  • There was mention that the pass was meant for the player outside me but I inadvertently got caught in the middle although there is no explanation of how I managed to hold onto the ball
  • Mike thought it was someone else calling for it and passed on instinct – if he’d known it was me he would have gone open
  • there was also mention that I only happened to be in that position form a few plays back and had only just stood up from getting my breath while the play moved all over the pace and only coincidently came back to where I was – I take this as the closest example of the truth

So there you go, it’s up to you to determine the truth…if you can handle the truth.



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One thought on ““Go you good thing….!!!!!”

  1. Anonymous on said:

    So after the Aussie lost to Samoa, are you going to offer your services to Robbie Deans?

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