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Friday Drinks – Harrington’s Anvil

Please excuse me on this one, as we shut down the printing press to bring you this breaking story as a last-minute change to the normal schedule. And there is not much to say about it…why? I can’t bloody remember.

And that is why you must get out and buy this beer; the latest bolter from the Harrington’s stable.

My bestie was down from Hamilton (although we don’t admit that in public) and thankfully he had read my last review and took heed of the warning. So on the way home we stopped in at Harrington’s, well-known to Dazza, and he bought a dozen Rogue Hop (up until this fateful night, my favourite amber liquid from this locality). The man who served us, an ex-merchantman who I have spoken to on previous times of custom recommended we try this newbie which was on tap, not yet in bottle form. It was appropriately named Anvil, as in it felt like you had been hit between the eyes with one after drinking it!

On the Richter-Scale for beer I vaguely remember him saying 6 point something, as my senses were suddenly awash by a taste more hoppy than a Bugs Bunny omnibus, and the smile never left my face for the rest of the night. Me and Dazza unfortunately only had the foresight to buy one pub-pet of this Belfast Gold, and I can safely say that he would not mind me telling that when he caught his flight back the following evening, he still wasn’t really feeling okely-dokely.

Don’t know the price, don’t know the percentage, don’t know anything else…all I know is that this is a stunner that cannot be ignored. BUY LOCAL CHCH!! You won’t be disappointed!


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2 thoughts on “Friday Drinks – Harrington’s Anvil

  1. Dazza on said:

    I think as far as beers go… if you have spent the entire afternoon having a pint in every remaining pub in Christchurch, while on a “business trip” and you are still not satisfied then Harrington’s Anvil is the beer for you.

    Quite frankly I can’t think of a better way to ensure a good nights sleep after a good many pints than to pick up 1.5 litres of a 6.8% “session beer” to throw down before dinner.

    Yep, she’s a hoppy beast but in a good, refreshing, balanced way rather than an acid-peel-the-inside-of-my-mouth kind of way. More investigation required to be sure.

    • Mark W on said:

      Hi there, Many thanks on those kind words of inspiration, I’m the Head Brewer for Harrington’s and have a great Team that I work with that enjoy this kind of feed back!!
      Avil which is aptly named is actually 6.5%. We plan to bring out a few more suprises in the very near future so watch this space!!
      Have entered this beer in the NZ Beer Awards 4Th Aug and feel confident for a reconition of sorts for this entrie. Since we have just bought this beer out to “Test the Waters” so too speak we we find this limited edition has to be repeated ASAP as our current stock is depleating real quick!!
      On behalf on myself and the team at Harringtons, we thank you for your Loyal following.
      Cheers , Mark

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