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Comedy Classics – Blackadder Goes Forth

In what was the scheduled final series of the Blackadder chronicles, …Goes Forth follows our favourite anti-hero and his bumbling sidekicks into the trench-warfare of WWI in France, advancing Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig’s tea cabinet six inches closer to Berlin.

This series was probably the most cleverest in its writing and acting, always spinning a humourous side on the terrible life of war, always maintaining those sarcastic and cynical view that Curtis, Elton, and Atkinson himself had about bureaucrats and authority. As always, trying to limit favourite clips to three is nigh on impossible except for the re-introduction of Flasheart, but I hope that these tickled your funny bone too as aficionados, and introduces this great show to new watchers.

Chapter 1 – Captain Cook: this scene depicts Captain Blackadder, Lieutenant George (Hugh Laurie) and Private S. Baldrick (Tony Robinson) in the trench presenting their paintings to General Melchett (the brilliant Stephen Fry) and Captain Darling (Tim McInnerny) for the new King & Country publication.

Chapter 2 – Corporal Punishment: in this episode Blackadder eats one of the messenger pigeons which tragically turns out to be Melchett’s prized racing bird. The ensuing court-martial is a hilarious parody of legal justice, on a par from the scene is series 1 with the Witchsmeller Pursuivant. And please, search for the scene when Blackadder is in front of the firing squad…top notch.

Chapter 4 – Private Plane: this episode brings back to screen Lord Flasheart (the comic genius of Rik Mayall), the daring ace of the British Air Corp, and one hell of a great guy. Also note that Kate/Bob from series 2 (again with Flasheart) makes an appearance again as his bit of rumpy-pumpy. And search for the scene where a captured Blackadder is saved by aforementioned ace only to run into the famed Red Baron, played by none other than Adrian Edmondson.

To close it all off, I couldn’t let four series of Blackadder go by without the closing scene from the final episode of the final series – Goodbyeee – where the boys finally “go over the top”. A sad, but poignant way to end.


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