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Book Review – Asterix and the Golden Sickle

Another classic tale by Goscinny & Uderzo.

2nd volume, released 1962

I was given a little tour of my eldest’s classroom the other day and saw this book on their bookshelf and asked her to bring it home for me as I hadn’t read this one. Another good’un by our Frenchie mates depicting the struggle against the odds of a small Gaulish village against the tyranny of Caesar and the Romans.

The Druid, Getafix, has busted his golden sickle which is required for its source of power to the ‘formula’ so Asterix and Obelix take what we know as a road trip to buy him another. Of course they come across baddies in the form of thugs and scores of Roman Legionnaires with predictable results.

While some of the story is lame and filling in gaps, which actually occurs in almost all episodes, at the end of the day it is a cartoon with hidden jokes all the way through, most lost on the reader if their Latin is not up to scratch. But for me, it has been the names, and here are some of my picks from this book;



  • Cacofonix, the Bard
  • Metallurgix, the sickle maker
  • Clovogarlix
  • Surplus Dairiprodus, the Prefect

The main antagonists from the village

For the trivia-minded;
  • it is the first time Cacofonix is tied up in the banquet scene
  • the Prefect is a caricature of actor Charles Laughton

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