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Fake or Real?

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No, no, no! This is not one of those boy’s emails where we try to guess if the pair of tits in the picture are implants or natural. This is a selction of photos which show some amazing scenes..which are fake, and which are real?

Let me know your choices for real, and the winner will get a signed picture of me (postage and handling included, framing not included).


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One thought on “Fake or Real?

  1. Ross on said:

    38. Real
    37. Real
    36. Fake
    35. Real
    34. Real
    33. Real
    32. Fake
    31. Real
    30. Real
    29. Real
    28. Fake
    27. Fake
    26. Real
    25. Real
    24. Fake
    23. Real
    22. Fake
    21. Fake
    20. Fake
    19. Fake
    18. Real
    17. Fake
    16. Real
    15. Fake
    14. Real
    13. Real
    12. Real
    11. Real
    10. Fake
    09. Real
    08. Fake
    07. Real
    06. Real
    05. Real
    04. Real
    03. Fake
    02. Fake
    01. Fake

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