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Classic Comedy – Extras

Modern comics really don’t have a thing on the ones of times gone past…it seems anyone who can say ‘fuck!’ loudly or often enough seems to be classed as a comedian (or comedienne) nowadays. But there are still some clever ones, and amongst them is Ricky Gervais. It all started with “The Office” which I will cover later, but for this post I wanted to showcase a few of favourite moments from his “Extras” series which is not easy as the show is a continual side-splitter. But I hope for those who are also fans will agree with these moments, and those who have never had the pleasure, I hope you become fans. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is no doubting his genius at making you squirm, and laugh, at the same time.

Offending Black People (or is that Coloured?) – and to think it all started because of a Gollywog

The Pen Incident – I remember these when I was younger, us boys used to look at them at the back of class

The Date – this is why we have an inane fear of using someone else’s toilet!

Sparkling Water – pays to check the label of anything you put anything into your mouth!

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