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Life Imitates Art…

I found this article in the NBR and had to post it…

Analysing Asterix Assaults


Not sure what injury this would be classed under, but guessing black eyes and wayward tongues are the least of this fellow's issues...

A team of German brain surgeons have extensively analysed every “biff” in 34 Asterix comic books. Their study of the Goscinny & Uderzo literature found that, in 704 depictions of traumatic brain injury, most victims’ symptoms disappeared hours or even minutes later. The scientists used signs such as periorbital ecchymoses (black eyes) – or paresis of the hypoglossal nerve (a tongue splayed sideways outside the mouth) to identify the brain injuries and rank their seriousness. The researchers said the study was “not entirely serious – but not entirely frivolous either.”

As this appears to be a sports injury, guessing he can claim under ACC?

And here we are, able to solve pressing issues like this, but still struggling to programme the VCR!

Source; National Business Review, June 24 2011, compiled by Charlotte Woodfield in her column, Check Up



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