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Bitch Session – Sky TV/MySky

OK, I love MySky, so much it is the only reason I have stuck with Sky at all since the end of the (disastrous) Ashes last year. But it has two faults;

Sky; best friend and worst enemy

  1. It has no logical thought to alter times if scheduling is running ahead or behind schedule, so you can sometimes miss the opening, or more tragically, the climactic ending of a show or movie; and,
  2. It doesn’t take into account Lotto draws…and it’s this one I have a particular bone with at this stage.

My eldest was about to go to bed one night when suddenly an ad for the movie “Bolt” came on, and so the ensuing negotiation took place over staying up late to watch versus a kick in the bum and soundly put to bed (CYFs, please do not take this literally, it was an overstatement to make a point). So we settled on me recording it for her to watch the following day at her leisure and I set MySky to record it via the on-screen guide.

I missed reality TV like this!

The following day we went to watch it (yes, we. I love those animated films) and buggar me! It only recorded the half hour from start to the Lotto break, and didn’t resume afterwards! Now while I understand why it did this, Sky need to look at this as “Series Link” is not appropriate in this case, it should be one-touch for a movie. So as a result, we had to go out and hire the bloody thing!

Other than that, loving MySky!!!


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