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Right. I get a the following Tweet:
Auckland Jolted by Earthquake.
I read on to find out it was a 2.9………..2.9!?!?!

So how is it the 80% of the 7000 earthquakes we’ve had down here that are greater than 2 point bloody 9 don’t get reported? Are we old news already? Or is this Auckland being the known centre of the universe?

Today there were 5 earthquakes around the country larger than this reported on NZ Quakes, the biggest being 4.7 in Te Anau, the other four in CHCH.

Give us a break…wake us when it gets serious. We eat anything under 4.0 for breakky.

PiS…don’t take this post too seriously Auckland.


Knox Hall on Bealey Ave; this photo was taken a few weeks back, but yesterday when I passed it, demo work appears to be underway. Another landmark gone.


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