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Friday Drinks – Steinlager


Classically recognisable

Some would say this should have been one of the first to be added to my posts, but in truth it ain’t one of my favourite beers. That actually is harsh, it is a nice beer, but for the price there are plenty of others that blitz it, and doesn’t give you the same splitting headache the following morning.

Steinlager, a NZ institution and recognised worldwide (it is NZ’s biggest exported beer) was first brewed in 1957, bottled in brown bottles and called Steinecker which was the name of the company that produced the beer making equipment. It was changed in 1962 to Steinlager to avoid confusion with Heineken. It changed to its green bottle in 1973 when it entered the US market to market itself alongside other premium lagers out of Europe.

Taking away its headache qualities, Steinlager is a great drop that can only be served real cold and served with most anything. I find it great to douse the flames of a good chilli or curry, but one must be aware not to use it as a binge-drink or taken to a party as the morning after effects are multiplied as a result. A beer that seems to make your smokes taste funny.


Europeans use hot chicks...NZ uses, well, not sure...I think sheep might've been classier in this case



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