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Classic Comedy – Blackadder The Third

The third instalment from Curtis and Elton, and for me, the best season. We find Blackadder as the butler to Prince (Regent) George played by a younger Hugh Laurie (for those who only know him from “House”). The previous incarnation obviously worked as Atkinson comes back as cynical and sarcastic (and caustic) as ever, and poor old Baldrick, and George, bear the full brunt of it. As I always say, it is difficult to pin down specific favourites from this, but these are a start. Hope you like them.

1. Dish and Dishonesty – one of the best of this series, the pre-and post election interviews are classic. I think NZ politics could learn a thing or two here…

2. Ink and Incapability – Robbie Coltrane plays Dr Johnson, author of that fantastic new book, The Dictionary…but has it got every word?

4. Sense and Senility – after an assasination attempt, George employs two actors to help his public standing…ROOOOOOOOAAAAR!!!! Unfortunately I couldn’t find a decent enough clip of this part…but George, legs asunder, nipples standing out, and roaring like a maniac is wet your pants fantastic!

6. Duel and Duality – the final episode, and enter stage left, Stephen Fry as The Duke of Wellington – the final standoff is classic spoof with the cigarette case, but I have chosen my favourite scene where Blackadder and George have changed roles.


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