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Free to a good home…

Although my mind had been well made up well before, Friday morning I handed in a month’s notice. Not that I really wanted to, just had no choice; the pressures of selling in an area heavily affected by the earthquakes, uncertainty due to regulatory changes, a change in processes where I am not allowed to service my existing customer base, and an insinuation that I am not fit to go anywhere further. I’m not playing the blame game, I’m OK with it all (in fact slept well for the first time in a long time, but in retrospect maybe I could have been more open-minded with processes; maybe I could have argued less over points that struck a chord with me and my customers; maybe I could have crawly-bum-licked a few more bosses; but then I would be doing myself a dis-service as it is not my nature, and if you cannot be true to yourself, you’re a fraud. But I am deeply disappointed in a lack of empathy and compassion by the powers that be, their lack in ability to discover, acknowledge, and deal with a person in a bad state of mind. Eight years of unswerving loyalty, I would have hoped for a little more in return.

So, without further ado, free to a good home, a well-used second-hand salesman/account manager. Although anything reasonable would be considered. Put out the feelers if you know anyone or anything, and I’ll cook you (or buy you if you don’t want to risk food-poisoning) dinner for your efforts.

Have had shots for almost all known 56 diseases and conditions; neutered; house-trained; semi-obedient.

Preferred industrys; alcohol, tobacco, porn.


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