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AC-DC Monopoly Game? Yep…

I got a TXT from my good mate Mike advising there was to be a Monopoly game released next month based around AC-DC…I TXT him back wanting to know the punchline, but it seems to be the case according to Music Feeds. Well, I never….

So it seems instead of properties you will instead buy and sell their albums (TNT and Black and Black must surely be where Park Lane and Mayfair were of course!?) and instead of houses and hotels, gold and platinum records. Even the six playing pieces will be showcasing all that is the bedevilled school child; lightning bolt, a cannon (from Those About To Rock…) and a school boy’s cap.


You could end up losing the shirt off your back


 And it seems they are not alone – Metallica have already got one out this month, no doubt the pieces swear and spit, and The Stones have one coming out later in the year…the lips, will they be a square, a piece, or the ultimate hotel?

Please, please God, do not come out with a Milli Vanilli boardgame…we can’t teach kids fraudulent acts and suicide.


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