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Classic Comedy – Blackadder II

In the second instalment of the Blackadder Remembrance Society, here are some personal favourite scenes involving a markedly different series to the first – not in the sense it now covers Blackadder as a Lord in Elizabeth I’s court, but Blackadder has now taken on more of the sarcasm and wit we remember him for, and it’s Baldrick who becomes the “dog’s body”.

“Kate…it’s short for Bob”; Enter the man himself, Lord Flashheart (Rik Mayall). This will go down as one of the great episodes from the entire lot and is oft quoted by followers.

“Ploppy, Son of Ploppy”; Blackadder is Lord High Executioner, and meets ‘the crew’…

Potato, everyone’s smoking them, and Blackadder shoots around the Bay to impress the Queen – enter Redbeard Rum, possibly the worst sailor going.

Advanced Mathematics…needs no intro, just great writing.

Ahhh, it really is difficult to find programmes like this…


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