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No shit, Sherlock…

I got the following email from a mate in response to the ‘incident’ around Joss Stone, a singer, and woman I worship;

You’ve been a bit quiet mate… Nothing to do with this? 😉

On reading the article (I was aware of it but not the severity until I saw the news last night) this statement seemed to jump from the page;

Detective Inspector Steve Parker told The Sun newspaper: “The men had information and items that lead us to suspect that they may have intended to commit a criminal offence.”

OK, so here is the deal; the two men, who had driven 200 miles to her house were caught with the following in their car;

  • detailed maps and aerial photos of Stone’s property
  • swords (of course we all sometimes get to the supermarket and go “Damn, I forgot my sword! Silly me!”)
  • Rope – no real harm here, I think I have some in my car…but when coupled with the swords above and…
  • a body bag. A BODY BAG???? Now try to explain that one…my suitcase was already full of weapons and body parts…


And the cop suspects they may commit an offence…




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