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Friday Drinks – Becks…

Personally one of my favourite beers, Becks is another fine example out of Germany. Although it says it follows the Purity Law, it does in fact use cultured yeast in its production. It was the first German beer to use green bottles, and is the largest exported beer from Germany.

As with most lagers (and the well-known one here is classed as a pale lager), this is a beer that compliments food, especially foods with a tang or spice to it (although it won’t necessarily remove that taste). It is easy to drink just as a beer on a hot afternoon and with a smoke, although it could be considered a relatively expensive way to get tanked on a Friday, especially as the excerpt below indicates it could be better used in quantum physics;

Q: Can Beck’s beer be used instead of Plutonium in a Flux Capacitor?

A: Dependent on whether or not your Flux Capacitor is fitted with The Mr. Fusion Energy Reactor then theoretically yes you could use Beck’s beer in your Flux Capacitor. The Mr. Fusion Energy Reactor is however strictly meant to be used with “household waste” so we would recommend sourcing Plutonium instead of using your precious Beck’s beer for your time travel needs. You can purchase Plutonium from Libyans at most malls and online at




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