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3 minute chuckle (and I’m not talking about a good time with me!)

 Short and sweet, just to get you through your Friday until the lid can be cracked off your first coldie for the weekend.


Do they come in night-vision version?


Now I just priced this up using Buywright (NZ) -Nitro Blue Mirror Safety Goggles (as you should look cool too) – $25.00

The shown alternative;

 – two plastic cups, 1.4c each if bought in bulk, free if taken from the rugby club rooms after a game.

– electrical tape (note silver finish to also provide cool look) – cheapest I found was $4.95 for a roll which is useful when it comes to taking them off and putting them back on. Also helpful for those times when you kidnap people and need to tape up their mouth, so beneficial in so many ways.

So the winner is the home-made pair, not only due to cost and cheap spare parts, but also as it removes the mono-brow. Probably able to be used while cray and paua diving too!


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