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In Memorium…Trevor Findlay


Last week we attended a funeral for a stalwart of North Canterbury sports, and a helluva nice guy. I met him when I first moved down to CHCH 18mths ago at my first game of cricket at Swannanoa where he had played 20-odd years. He attended pretty much all of our games as far as I can remember, and soon I became very close friends with his son Jason. Towards the end of that season, as is like the man, he roped me into playing rugby, another passion of his for his beloved Ohoka. He was very persuasive; he looks and has the demeanour of Grizz Wylie (in fact I swore that he was when I first met him!), so nuff said.

Anyway, I want to relay to you one of the great ditties said at his service (held in the Mandeville Sports Club). It was told by a close friend of his, and went something like this;

Trevor was always wheeling and dealing. He hated middle men and where possible he would cut as many out as possible. He was always coming up with something to sell or trade. I had these mangy old hoggets that I was going to make into dog tucker, but Trev said we should take them to Addington (sales yards) and no matter how much I tried to say it wasn’t worth it, he became more determined to thinking anything could be sold. And so it happened that he decided we would do it. And sure enough, a few days later he bowled up with trailer and took them away. Days later, when they were forgotten, he called me;


Gee, he's everywhere...(far right next to yours truely)

“Sold them sheep, $80.”

“For the lot?” Thinking hell, that’s cheap dog tucker…

“Nope, each.”

“Hell, that’s great Trev!”

“Yeah, but it’s only for three, one died in the pen.”

Classic. RIP Trev, you’ll be missed.

Trev, striking normal pose centre, with Ohoka Div 2.


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One thought on “In Memorium…Trevor Findlay

  1. Keith Eleftheriou on said:

    Slight correction – the first photo, which is the winning Swannanoa 3rd Grade Cricket Team, Trev is on the far left as you look at it, next to me.

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