the alfmeister

a figment of reality's imagination


I went to bed last night at about 9-ish, exhausted, but not before I finished the last third of a book as exhaustion doesn’t necessarily mean sleep. I haven’t slept through for months. And then at midnight, my 2 year old woke up crying, so checking in on her it seemed she wasn’t actually awake. Gee, kids shouldn’t be having nightmares. They should be dreaming of rabbits and ponies and eating crayons. So that kept me awake…and just before three, lying there looking at the shadows in an already dark room a 4.7 hit. The house started creaking first as the land took the initial displacment and soon the violent jolts side to side had me laying a hand on Katie under the sheets ready to get her out of bed to the kids if it went longer than say 10 seconds. But seemingly no sooner had it started, it subsided and we awaited the call from Dee in the next room – poor girl, she must be so shattered herself she didn’t even feel it, and she feels everything.

So with my sleep, or any chance of it gone, the head started spinning multiple topics, and some of the next few bullet posts are what spat out…although, the long awaited book now has a first chapter, so watch for that one!


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