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Book Review – Amara by Richard Laymon

This book took about four days to read, not really because it was a good book but it took my mind off recent events. It was recommended to me by a girl I went to school with after my review on the last Stephen King novel I read.

The basis of this story is an age-old tale about the cursed mummies walking the earth after thousands of years and wreeking their vengeance. The main plot was good, but it was the side stories that (finally) joined up at the end that had me confused and wondering if the book had been a misprint of more than one.

His story telling and descriptive nature is very good, much like King especially around the gore and splatter, but what is his fascination with gratuitous (and sometime sado-masochistic) sex? Not that I mind sex myself, but it seemed somewhat 80s in its mix of horror and rumpy-pumpy. And if he can paint a picture on slash, he certainly has done his homework on the finer points of blowjobs!

Not bad, but not great. However in the interest of giving the guy a fair go, and because he was referred, I will get out another of his novels to see if it was just a bad’un.


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