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Shake, Rattle and Roll…and I doubt this is the end of it.

I doubt crawling under the desk here is going to be of any help…the size of these ones says that there is nowhere to hide, and the morbid side of me wants to see the Chancellor come down as I look at her out the window. I cannot believe she is still standing after that 6.0 (??) although I am somewhat surprised the building I’m in is still standing. As violent shaking goes, she was up there…the city streets are congested, the over bridge right outside the window has been closed again making traffic chokepoints even worse, and there is a constant sound of sirens as emergency services race from one place to another. With the limited contact outside of here we understand a building has collapsed over Linwood way with people inside, a church somewhere else. The University has been evacuated and so has the Airport. Something big has dropped a mere half a mile away, the dust cloud drifting across indicates sheer size…and all the while, the ground continues to roll sometimes, shake, and the most unnerving of them all, the sudden jots that almost throw you off the chair.

I attended the funeral of a dear old friend last Wednesday, had a shitter of a day at work on the Friday, played the hell game of rugby on Saturday, and then this today…bad fucken time to give up on smokes! But Kurt, God bless him, has Speight’s in the fridge, and if I have anything to do with it, there won’t be one left soon enough (not that I intend to drink and drive, Officer!).

I know my girls are OK, although Katie is still in the CBD somewhere. We have agreed to make our way home as best we can, at least she is north of the CBD so her chances are better than mine. Take care sweet, see you soon xxx

PiS…can you TXT me once you see how the fish tanks are?

PiSS…just remember, when you have a gripe about anything, there is nothing like feeling insignificant in the face of the ground beneath your feet…or the wall of ocean coming over the horizon, or even someone close to you who is not coping with the shaking…there is always someone worse off than you, and that’s key to keeping your sanity.


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