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And still we roll to someone else’s tune…

The time was about 1 in the afternoon. I sat chatting to a lovely young lady and we were completing some paperwork when the shake started. Her first instinct was to stand, white as a sheet. Mine, I grabbed the table with my left hand while I carried on filling in the form, but even after about 5 seconds and the shaking getting bigger (and my writing looking more and more like my seven-year-old girl’s) I put the pen down. It carried on, and while my concept of time can be off, it felt like about 20 seconds, but in three different “waves” with the second middle one being the most violent.

The building we were in is the old Champion Flour Mill, and for those who know it, she is an old building, and the first thing that struck me was as I walked into the building there were three or four massive silos that as I sat at the table now were directly behind me…hmmm. We were evacuated and the flour mill was shut down and the staff went home. Walking through the building the massive cracks in the walls were most evident, even making the staff catch their breath, and they know the building (and its ability to stand up) better than me. Oh well, we will do the forms another day.

I called Katie, and she was fine. She checked on the girls, and to the school’s credit they TXT out that everyone and everything was fine. I TXT some friends and colleagues and satisfied that they were fine jumped in the car and headed to another mate close by…the traffic was chaos as people ran for the hills (so to speak) so I figured I may as well crawl into the first available space and type this out…after he asked me for some help on his phone of …..


FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK !!!!!!! we have just had a cunt of a big one!!! The Chancellor is swaying big time!!!!! And still we shake!


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One thought on “And still we roll to someone else’s tune…

  1. Anonymous on said:

    language was refreshing and lifelike haha

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